adjustable baby cot Adjustable baby cot

How are you all? Hope everyone is having a brilliant summer — have you managed to squeeze in a lovely holiday? We actually moved her in there when she was four months old, a couple of months earlier than is recommended, as she started sleeping through the night when she was eight weeks lucky us, I know!

adjustable baby cot Adjustable baby cot

You can see Mimi happily rocking in hers here. However, I was very interested to know whether the design would live up to the practical demands that would be placed on it. Anyhoo, back to the cot. Other than how beautiful it looks it genuinely is the first thing anyone comments on as soon as they walk into the nursery the second thing that appealed to me about the cot was its smaller than average size.

Also, it is designed to grow with your baby as the sides are removable so it can become a toddler bed and the ends stretch out to become a junior bed until the age of about seven with a mattress extension piece. However, the base of the cot is adjustable so that you can have it at its highest level and easily reach a newborn.

dropside cot bed with drawer

That made it the perfect place to safely pop her down when she was teeny tiny if I needed to be hands free or to dress her there. Look at this cute picture of the one and only time I managed to put her down there for a nap when she was teeny.

As she got a bit more alert she loved lying there watching a moving mobile so that gave me precious time to do the million other things I had fallen behind with.

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  • As she began to move around and learning to roll she loved playing in there and exploring how to use the sides of the cot as launchpads for movement.

    It was definitely a very well used space.

    We like it because it does three jobs: That said, as great as the extras are, getting them all back into the bag proved tricky!

    Once Mimi moved into her own room and we made the tricky transition from co-sleeper crib to full size cot we lowered the mattress base and I really began to appreciate the design. We stayed with family recently and she slept in a traditional cot with bars and she woke up so many times with stray hands and feet getting caught between them and she got so distracted being able to see straight into the room.

    You can see the full nursery tour here.

    As she began to move around and learning to roll she loved playing in there and exploring how to use the sides of the cot as launchpads for movement. We know that decorating your nursery is one of the privileges of being a parent. This can be helpful for reaching in and picking up your baby, but be sure you adjust the mattress at the appropriate time.

    It also makes it feel more cosy and she often rests her back against it and sleeps on her side or wedged into the corner. The beautiful detailed illustrations are quirky and unique and I can see us basing bed time stories around the funny characters for years to come as the bumper can be used when it becomes a toddler bed, too.

    She thrashed around like a baby dolphin without the swaddle but she was also in a Sleepyhead so that helped and after a few nights she was pretty settled again. At about 16 weeks we decided to take away the Sleepyhead as she was just getting too big for it and started to look uncomfortable.

    Therefore, we put her into a sleeping bag straight into the co-sleeper crib. Again, it definitely unsettled her and she thrashed around and woke herself up but after a few nights she was ok. At 18 weeks when Mimi learnt to roll we decided it was time to start the process of moving her into her big cot in her own room. The first thing we did was place the crib into the big cot so that she could get used to being in different surroundings but still have the comfort of her familiar crib.

    We also hung the mobile she had had over her crib in our room over her big cot, as well as taking her light show and the same toy. At 22 weeks I should have done this a lot sooner! I made the decision that the crib had to go and we needed to finally rip the plaster off and put her in to the cot properly.

    The first week in the cot was quite unsettled as she was learning to crawl at this time so she would wake herself up by moving around so much and start doing laps of the cot.

    She never really cried or got upset to the point of me needing to go to her during the night but she was more tired during the day as she had had less sleep than normal. The best decision we made was to get a cot bumper as this stopped her banging her head when she moved around and gave her a feeling of cosiness again. Since we put the cot bumper in she has not woken once during the night and she is so happy in her cot.

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  • I mean, just look at her and that dreamy cot! If you do have any questions about the cot please do leave a comment or pop me an email.

    We are both very, very happy with it.



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