lulworth cot bed assembly instructions Lulworth cot bed assembly instructions
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  • Feb 1st, , Ordered our nursery furniture cotbed, dresser and wardrobe on 10th January. All well when buying, nothing mentioned of the long delivery delays due to their couriers going bust - Not a problem, they can not change that so we eventually got our furniture only 2 weeks late.

    Again wasn't too fussed at this point.

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    Get the furniture all 6 very heavy boxes and OH begins to build. He has an awful time with it - takes him 6 hours, a trip to screw fix due to one bolt missing and much swearing to get the drawers to a useable state.

    All fine at this point, not too fussed. Attempted to build the cotbed today in the hopes that he can get cotbed and wardrobe finished today.

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  • Got to point 4 of 5 and, due to being provided four bolts that were too big for the job they needed to do, OH manages to knock a palm sized hole through the side of cotbed. Not an issue he said, could superglue it back in place and attempt to get correct parts from screw fix OH hates taking things back.

    Again wasn't too fussed at this point. This has a few different porch swing ideas. Please note we can only assist with spare parts for Izziwotnot products, we do not carry spare parts for other manufacturers or brands.

    Seems that this bolt exists no where other than the Mothercare factory! Finally get OH to agree to returning the product. Get to Mothercare with all pieces in tow, told that although we have receipt this isn't enough - we need a despatch note.

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  • Rush home to search for that, we cant find it, we don't have one! Ring them up, they finally agree to order one based on the info they have not sure why they couldn't do this while we were in store with them.

    Leave my number with them so that they could contact me once new order has been made.

    lulworth cot bed assembly instructions Lulworth cot bed assembly instructions

    Phone call five minutes later saying - Unfortunately we cant order a new one as out of stock until mid February. So we now have no cotbed as left faulty one in store having hauled it 20miles from home and into store and no real proof that we are to receive a new one based on manufacturing fault.

    Soooo angry and upset.

    lulworth cot bed assembly instructions Lulworth cot bed assembly instructions

    I know we have a long time till baby arrives and that isn't really the issue. Sorry for the long post, once I was on a roll there was no stopping me.



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