compact cot bed Compact cot bed
Our review For a compact size at a compact price it's hard to beat this cot from Kiddicare, created with new babies and parents on a budget in mind. Migration of certain elements Features of cot bed 1 Cot converting to a bed The main benefit of a cot bed is that it can be converted to a junior bed by removing one or both sides.

Infantastic compact Baby Portable travel cot bed Infantastic compact Baby Portable travel cot bed The Infantastic compact Baby portable travel cot bed is a practical travel cot, which is quick and easy to set up along with being compact to store away easily. Recommended for up to 36 months this portable cot also come with wheels to move it around if needed.

It also has a changing pad area and lots of storage for baby items. How much space does it take up? Weighing around 11 kg this travel cot bed is fairly light yet sturdy for a baby travel cot. It is cm in length, 65 cm in width and 71 cm in height.

The Infantastic travel cot folds up quite neatly as well and takes only about, 77 cm in length, 26 cm in width and 26 cm in height, making it quite compact and easy to store away with ease.

It was easy to assemble and turned out to be very sturdy with a nice white finish. Kingswood Glider crib 90 x 44 cm sq.

What features does it come with? Adjustable base height This portable cot comes with 2 adjustable base heights, which is quite handy. When the base is positioned on top, the bottom can be used to store baby items.

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  • Changing pad area and storage compartment The Infantastic travel cot is designed with a very handy changing area for your baby. This is quite helpful. Think about it, if you have two children, you could actually put one in the cot while changing the second ones nappies.

    Play Pen Yes this handy little travel cot can also be used as a pen for your baby to play in. You just need to remove the adjustable base and its ready to be used.

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    It also come with a side zipper that can be used by the children for moving in and out of it. The bed frame is quite sturdy and come with clips in the centre to lock the bed, which helps in holding the base in place. The corners are well padded and the edges are rounded to protect the baby, from hurting itself while playing or standing in the cot. The sides are netted which helps in being able to keep an eye on the baby at all times and also helps in airflow through the cot.

    compact cot bed Compact cot bed

    Manoeuvrability The cot weighs only 11 kgs which, is quite light, considering it needs to be used as a travel cot as well. The base can be mounted with two wheels, which makes it easy to move the travel cot around without really disturbing the baby.

    It also comes with a carrying bag with handles and tucks away nicely in the corner of the car while travelling.

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