cosatto cot bed with drop side Cosatto cot bed with drop side

A traditional, sturdy design, with everything you need for a good price Pros The spinning ball toys at each end of the cots will keep your baby occupied and add style Cons The yellow print in the instruction booklet is enough to give anyone a headache Compare deals from top retailers MadeForMums Preferred Partner Our review A very practical and sturdy cot the Cosatto Bola offers all the essential features and looks great too.

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  • Cosatto pride themselves on creating products that stand out from the crowd to give your baby her own personality. Cosatto came to the UK back in the s after a group of businessmen who ran a chain of London-based nurseries named Supercover organised a game of golf.

    cosatto cot bed with drop side Cosatto cot bed with drop side

    There they met some Italian businessmen who told them about Cosatto - an Italian cotmaker that was already popular with Italian mums and dads.

    A few months later, Cossato joined the Supercover family and has been working in England ever since. Over the past two years the company has seen a shift in design, aiming to create cool and funky products for 21st century parents. Considering this, the Cosatto Bola Cot does have a rather basic design but its inclusion of built-in spinning balls gives a fun element that makes up for this. The cot also boasts teething protector rails and an easy-to-use drop-side. What we love The cot is aesthetically pleasing and the nut-coloured wood will fit well in any nursery, as will the tasteful styling.

    cosatto cot bed with drop side Cosatto cot bed with drop side

    Three spinning ball toys at each end of the cot bring decorative detail to what is otherwise a very basic design and are guaranteed to keep your baby happily entertained. Teething protector rails on both sides also mean this cot will look as good as new even if your baby does use it as a teething ring.

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    It has cot bars on all four sides so you can keep an eye on your baby from all angles. The drop-side makes reaching in for your baby a cinch and it boasts a very smooth mechanism, which can easily be operated with one-hand. Cosatto also have a range of good quality mattresses to choose from.

    These include everything from the most basic foam mattresses to the more sophisticated sprung mattresses, all of which come with removable covers that are machine washable at 60 degrees.

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  • Suitable from birth to approximately three years, this solid cot has a good lifespan and meets British safety standards BS EN What to watch out for This cot does need two pairs of hands to put together and there is no option for assembly on delivery of the Bola. Further, the instructions are written in migraine-inducing yellow print that makes them virtually impossible to read.

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  • Who the Cosatto Bola Cot best for? Perfect if you want it to double as a playpen, the revolving balls are great entertainment for your little one.

    MadeForMums verdict Mums online have been saying this is definitely one they would recommend to friends and we quite agree.

    She attempted CPR whilst waiting for the paramedics to arrive and phoned her husband who was checking a patient at his vet's surgery, to come home. Are all these things standard on most cots?

    It may not be the most innovative of designs but this is a good cot with all the right features.



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