cot bed blanket Cot bed blanket

In her first few months, your newborn may sleep for around 16 hours a day, in between feeds and cuddles. How do I choose a bed that's safe for my newborn? Check that yours has a label with this code on when you buy it. This standard means that the cot: This is to prevent your baby's head from slipping between the bars. If you choose to buy a Moses basket , check that its handles are sturdy and meet in the middle.

You should always carry the basket with the handles together and one hand underneath to support your baby. If you're at all worried, take your baby out of the basket before you move it. If your pram or buggy has a carrycot, you can also use this as your baby's first bed. Although your carrycot is suitable for night-time sleeping, the mattress it comes with may not be.

cot bed blanket Cot bed blanket

Check with the retailer or manufacturer to see if you need an additional mattress that's safer for sleeping. A mattress that is suitable for night-time sleeping needs to be firm, not soft, to support your baby while she sleeps.

How do I choose bedding that's safe for my newborn? Duvets and pillows are not recommended for your baby until she's a year old. They can restrict your baby's movement and may make her too hot. Cotton sheets and cotton cellular blankets are easy to layer and keep your baby at the right temperature. You can simply add or take away a blanket if your baby is too hot or too cold. Bear in mind that a folded blanket counts as two blankets. You should buy sheets and blankets that fit your baby's mattress.

Generally speaking, you'll need two or three sheets and blankets to start with.

Made from organic cotton, in a range of different colours and sizes. Our advice for using second-hand mattresses It can be common to use a second-hand mattress either from friends and family, or from your previous children.

You could also consider using a baby sleeping bag. Your baby can't kick it off , which means that she is less likely to wake up because she's feeling too cold. Do not use cot bumpers. There's no evidence that they prevent injuries AAP Can I safely co-sleep with my newborn? The safest place for your newborn to sleep is in a cot or Moses basket. However, some mums find breastfeeding easier if their baby sleeps in the same bed as them. If you do choose to co-sleep with your newborn, make sure that your mattress is firm and the bedding is light and minimal.

Never leave your baby alone on the bed, as she could easily fall out. You should never co-sleep with your baby if: In this case, a co-sleeper cot or crib that attaches to the side of your bed may be a good option.

What's the safest temperature for my baby's room? As a general guide, try to keep the room temperature between 16 degrees C and 20 degrees C. A basic room thermometer will help you to keep an eye on the temperature.

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  • On very warm days, keep your baby cool by closing the curtains or blinds and opening a window in her room. She may only need to wear a nappy and vest.

    You can check your baby's body temperature by placing a hand on her chest or tummy. If she feels hot, or if she's sweaty, remove some layers DH It's normal for your baby's hands and feet to feel cool, though. In colder weather, try not to cover your baby with too much bedding, or wrap her in lots of clothes. Find out more about the correct temperature for your baby's room.

    If you're concerned about your baby's sleep, you're not alone. New parents often worry about sudden infant death syndrome SIDS and sleep safety. But the good news is that there are plenty of simple steps that you can take to reduce the risks to your baby: Put your baby to sleep on her back , in a cot or Moses basket.

    Sleep in the same room as your baby for the first six months The Lullaby Trust Don't let your baby get too hot.

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  • Place your baby's bed well away from any radiator, heater or fire, and out of direct sunlight. Never put a hot water bottle or an electric blanket in her bed The Lullaby Trust Lie your baby with her feet at the foot of her bed so she can't wriggle down under the bedding. Keep her head uncovered by tucking her bedding in no higher than her shoulders.

    If you use a sleeping bag, make sure it is well-fitting, so your baby can't slide down inside. Don't use a pillow in the cot. Your baby needs a surface that is firm and flat. Never sleep with your baby on the sofa, even if it is in the daytime. Get more night-time tips in our expert video on sleep safety.

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  • American Academy of Pediatrics. Reduce the risk of cot death. Sleeping safely in a cot. What you'll need for your baby. Safety for babies and toddlers.

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    Safer sleep for babies: A guide for parents.



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