cot bed cat net Cot bed cat net

It definitely is a matter to which to pay attention, because, as much as we do love cats, we agree: Cats and babies can be friends, but their interactions should be supervised.

Children really do benefit so much from having animals in their life, if you are worried about your new arrival and existing cats, please do not hesitate to contact the adoption centre, we can hopefully offer you the support you need. Purchases can be returned within 60 days of delivery for any reason, so long as they have been carefully looked after and are in their original packaging.

But your cat does not need to be mean to scratch, pinch, cause discomfort or simply to wake a baby up, one whom you finally managed to lull to sleep. So how do you want it?

We suggest letting the cat inside the room but maintaining a healthy distance from the crib. Otherwise, this article contains everything you need. Photo by Jon Ross , cc A huge part of why cats want to get inside the crib is their curiosity.

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A cat tree or a bed on a window sill would be great. This establishes a baseline for the scenario, in which a cat safely sleeps on a cat tree and does not show an interest in getting inside the crib. Your cat will be less interested in the crib, and these tips will also reduce other potential cat behavioral problems commonly associated with the arrival of a baby.

The easiest and the most effective method is to use an ultrasonic sound-emitting pet deterrent, like this one. The thing is, this sound is disliked by most cats, but is not audible to you or your baby. Watch this video to see how it works: The next best choice for your circumstances is an ultrasonic sound emitter.

The sound is released every time the cat approaches, no exceptions, therefore a cat sees absolutely no point continuing to trying coming close to the crib.

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  • Other sources may suggest you spray water from abottle over your cat, however, we find several problems with this approach. If you have some time before the baby arrives, you should start training your cat right away.

    In summary, motion-activated pet deterrents are a wise choice, as they provide consistency, they work independently of you, and your cat will learn the necessary behavior with less frustration than with other methods.

    We cleared special sleeping areas for the cats up high and in the bedrooms. You can find more tips about playing with your cat when short on time here. They were also terrified of Russell!

    He will just avoid the area, because every time he approaches, the sound goes off. This is where a crib tent becomes useful. They can usually be bought at baby stores, as well as online.

    You place it over the crib, which allows your baby to sleep or play in safety, still providing air circulation, but will help to keep your cat out of the crib.

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  • Of course, you still must not leave your baby unsupervised, but, as you hopefully know, that must not be done regardless of whether you have a cat, or not. But that is not a problem: Use a baby monitor when your baby is sleeping Regardless of whether or not you have a cat, using a baby monitor instead of peeking through a keyhole is a sound decision.

    If possible, get a baby monitor with video. Humans, as they say, are more trusting of what is seen, rather than what is just heard.

    cot bed cat net Cot bed cat net

    Lower your stress levels and lose the need to double- and triple-check to make sure the device is actually working. In the mean time, your cat may be either outside the closed door or napping on his own cat tree inside the room, but at a safe distance from the crib.

    cot bed cat net Cot bed cat net

    The latter is cute and safe, as long as you have the monitor. Keep your cat active during the day Okay, keep your attention here for just one minute more. We know, parents of babies are very short on time, and playing with a cat is way down the list of priorities. Though short in time, playing with your cat for at least few minutes a day will ensure harmony in your home.

    Jon Ross , cc In such circumstances, directing you to play with your cat more than you have been is like training a bird not to fly—a thing that is done only by college professors who are far away from real life.

    Click here to learn why. What we want from you is that you be aware that you should, at least, try to find some time for your cat even in your very tight schedule. Treat it like any other task, like washing clothes or preparing food, for which you must find time no matter what. Involve other family members as much as possible, use a carrier or a sling to carry your baby so you have your hands free to wash dishes or better yet, get a dishwasher!

    In these ways, you might even find time to play with your cat for at least few minutes a day. You can find more tips about playing with your cat when short on time here.

    Solo play toys and electronic toys could be your best friends, too.



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