regalo my cot deluxe portable travel bed Regalo my cot deluxe portable travel bed

Support bar in the middle makes it uncomfortable for kids Sheet which comes with it is thin Needs extra padding to make it comfortable enough Middle support strap is higher than both ends Review Summary This is the summary of consumer reviews for Regalo - My Cot Portable Travel Bed.

regalo my cot deluxe portable travel bed Regalo my cot deluxe portable travel bed

The BoolPool rating for this product is Very Good, with 4. This portable toddler bed is the perfect solution for sleepovers, outings, traveling, camping, day care or just lounging around the house. It is quick and easy to set-up and fold down.

It is lightweight, folds down to a fraction of its set-up size and fits in a convenient carry case for complete portability. Made with an all-steel frame, it comes with a deluxe fitted removable and machine washable sheet.

ikea cot bed grey

Standard crib sheets and mattress pads easily fit this cot for extra padding and comfort. Many reviewers complain about the support strap in the middle of the cot. This support strap is higher than both the ends and makes the cot very uncomfortable for taller kids.

It also needs extra padding to make it comfortable enough for sleeping. Overall, Regalo — My Cot Portable Travel Bed is a good and simple solution when visiting friends in the city or camping in woods so your child can have a place to sleep.

Or keep this Regalo Portable Travel Bed handy at home for small visitors. Super easy to sit up and crib sheets fit pretty good on these. Bonus - even with the crib mattress pad and crib sheet, it'll fold up and fit in its carry bag no problem!!. The cot folds up easy and comes with a sheet. It's a breeze to clean and standard crib sheets fit perfectly.

When open, it's about the size of a toddler bed, so single sheets and blankets need to be folded to fit. Sheet softens up after washing, though may still want to use crib sheet on top. They come with their own fitted sheet you can wash.

Easy to store and unpack for those spontaneous camping trips. This inflatable bed is a little closer to the size your toddler would sleep on at home.

I used that, but also put a toddler bed size fitted sheet on top of it to make it softer. Good cot for few days to few weeks Works well for toddlers Review Group: I haven't used it outside, but it should work well enough if you've level ground to work with.

But totally worked for the 2 weeks it was used. Got these for my two boys, ages 3, I brought these cots for my home day care and they've worked out very well. Worked great for my 24lb 2 year old on our recent vacation.

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  • I need additional sleeping for a 5 year old, and this worked perfectly! Lightweight plastic joints don't work on a product like this.

    I tried evening it out by piling blankets on top, but it still doesn't work.

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  • Easy to set up Folds and packs in the bag easily for storage Review Group: It folds up so easily and is super easy to store. Easy to put up and small enough to store. Easy to set up and small enough to store.

    regalo my cot deluxe portable travel bed Regalo my cot deluxe portable travel bed

    I love the bag it packs up in, makes it easy for travel. They're compact and easy to set up. Very easy to set up, sturdy and obviously comfortable because he slept through the night!

    They are portable, easy to transport and set up in a tent environment. Fade resilient so it will remain fresh and new.

    Very easy to set up and very portable. Easy to set up and to use, they come with a sheet that can be taken off to wash, then I sanitize and store them quickly into their little storage bag.



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