travel cot bed for twins Travel cot bed for twins
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  • The mattress is plush and comfy, while a built-in base plate makes it really sturdy and secure, and it will last for years, which helps compensate for the price tag.

    It folds compactly, as does the accompanying mattress, which is nicely padded, and is lightweight, making it ideal for frequent travel.

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    The cot is perfect for camping and great for parents with an on-the-go lifestyle. It is expensive but great quality, convenient and worth every penny. If you are going to be using a travel cot frequently, this model is worth its price tag. You can lift it out of its storage bag and set it up in one simple movement.

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  • There are no extra parts to attach or lose , and the legs unfold automatically. It comes with a good quality mattress and features a built-in base plate that keeps the cot steady. Soft mesh fabric makes it easy to keep an eye on your baby. The cot fabric and mattress cover are both machine washable. Plus, a really soft and comfortable mattress.

    The mattress is great. The mattress is very thick and comfy.

    Because the sleeping bag is fitted, your toddler will have tremendous difficulty rolling out of the bed. But before you open up your wallet, you should know that not all portable toddler beds are created equal.

    The shape makes it good for squeezing into a smaller room, but some parents might find the legs stick out awkwardly. Expensive, but could be a worthwhile investment for regular travellers.

    It is great quality and lightweight which makes it idiot-proof to put up and down.

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  • It also has plenty of room and rests well on the ground, making it sturdy and safe. The carry case is useful and it would definitely be good for overseas travel because of its weight, as well as on public transport when necessary.

    The mattress is comfortable too.

    travel cot bed for twins Travel cot bed for twins

    It would have been handy to have a bassinet attachment for younger babies and a shoulder strap for the carry case, and the posts can be easy to trip over.



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